Friday, April 10, 2009

here we go

I'm the world's worst inconsistent blogger. I've had different blogs for... like... ever. I started years and years ago on (does the new generation even know what xanga is? Yes, is, present tense. It still exists. In fact, my ancient blogs are still active there somewhere.) Then, myspace was the new xanga that you could even post pictures on! How cool??? Then, I was infected with the facebook virus. So, out in cyberspace, I now have my stamp on four different blogging spheres.

Since I still am not entirely sure of what this blog will consist, I think I'm just going to wing it for now. I'd like to eventually make it a blog for all things vegan (def: a guilt-free lifestyle where one consumes NOTHING consisting of animal issues-meat, dairy, eggs, etc. Strict vegans wear no leather, fur, and in my case being the makeup junkie that I am, no animal hair brushes or makeup tested on animals or using animal by-products.). I've also been caught up into the whirlwind of the Green Revolution. So basically, I'm a bleeding heart vegana fashion hippie weirdo that thinks she can sort of write. Plus, I will shamelessly be blurbing and endorsing all of my favorite products and lines that fit so easily into a vegan lifestyle. I sort of know what I'm talking about with this stuff too. I mean, I'm not an expert like the Skinny Bitches (, which by the way, that book will be referenced quite often, but I've been living the veglife for a number of years, just not always as strictly as I am now. You should read Skinny Bitch, by the way, if you don't mind straight up nasty truth about meat processing plants, dairy farms, and vulgur language coming from a former Ford's Modeling agent and a model. I don't have the cleanest language either but I'm going to try, for the sake of my amazing mother who will most likely end up following this, to censor myself and quelch my utmost desire to constantly drop the f-bomb. She will give me the look for every blog that I post with a swear word in it. I have taste, just not tact.

Let's see where this goes... shall we? Wanna be my friend/follower/victim/partner in the crime of revolutionizing lifestyles? Hippie Fashionista Vegans unite!

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  1. Yes!! I'm SO GLAD you started blogging! I will be checking this page EVERY DAY so please keep it up!